You Have 2 Years to bring your case

And the answer that is you have two years. It’s two years from the date of your accident you have to file your claim with court. Doesn’t mean that your claim has to be completed. You don’t have to have your trial date by then and usually most cases are not done by that point.

Typical Time frame for a Car Accident Case

Generally cases resolve in that kind of 16 month to 24 month time range. So you can come up on the two year mark where you might not have had your trial yet, but if your case has been filed with the court, then you’re fine. The statute of limitations has been what we call, it is tolled, which means that requirements been met and that your case is allowed to go forward.

If your case is not filed within two years of the accident, then it’s what we call, it’s barred, it’s time-barred. You’re not allowed to bring that claim. It’s dismissed and is never allowed to come back. So it’s very important that you speak with an attorney within the one year mark.

When Should I Contact An Attorney?

You don’t necessarily have to meet with an attorney within a week or two after your accident. In fact, that’s a common misconception. We get a lot of our clients, especially for cases where there’s been more significant injuries, usually they kind of come into our office around that six or eight month range where they’ve been treated for awhile and then they have questions and then they end up retaining us because at that point they need, they feel they need the assistance of an attorney.

The key is though, you don’t want to wait too long. Most car accident attorneys do not want to accept a case that’s more than 18 months old because of the investigation and the collection of the medical records and billings, all the things they have to do. That’s pressing up too much on the statute of limitations and I know most attorneys won’t accept a case if it’s within three months of the statute of limitations. There’s just too much that has to be done in that short a period. They don’t have time to properly validate the case.

Why Should I Contact An Attorney?

Hiring an Attorney can be invaluable for an accident victim.  Attorneys provide significant services for accident victims, including:

  • Relieve stress and fear for clients
  • Protect clients from Insurance Adjusters
  • Provide Guidance regarding legal timelines
  • Provide assistance with obtaining medical treatment when there are issues with health insurance
  • Increase settlement offers and recovery

Call Johnson Law Firm To Discuss Your Accident Claim

If you have been involved in a Car Accident, make sure to seek timely medical treatment for your injuries.  While you are receiving treatment for your injuries, you should speak with an attorney to protect you and your case. The Johnson Law Firm will provide you with answers and protect you from the ugly side of the insurance process.  Call today to speak with our knowledgeable staff and start yourself down the easier road to recovery.

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