Johnson Law Firm Approved to Instruct Police Officers in Hot to Detect Possible DUI and Conduct Standardized Field Sobriety Test

If you have been charged with a DUI or DWI, you should not hesitate to speak to an attorney about the circumstances surrounding your arrest. Even on the first offense, a DUI can carry severe penalties, so you will not want to leave your fate to chance by attending your court date without representation. Retaining the legal services of the Johnson Law Firm, PC to build your DUI defense in Woodridge, VA can keep you out of jail. It is the most critical action you can take immediately after being arrested. I can give you the necessary information, helping you understand precisely what is happening and how to win your case whether or not an auto accident was involved.

Helpful Information When Pulled Over for a DUI in Woodridge

When you are pulled over for a DUI/DWI, it is absolutely vital to understand what tests will be run to test you for your level of intoxication. First, it is crucial to understand that to be considered legally drunk while driving in Virginia, your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) must be 0.08 or higher when the officer gives you a breathalyzer test. The officers can also administer field sobriety tests to help build their case against you in the event you blow higher than the legal BAC limit. These tests consist of:

Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus – The officer will ask you to follow on object with your eyes to test your speed and awareness. Nystagmus is the inability to pursue an object smoothly. The officer is looking for 6 specific clues while you perform this test.

Walk and Turn – This test will analyze your ability to walk nine paces, heel-to-toe, and then turn back on a pivot while keeping your hands pressed against your sides. The officer is looking for 8 specific clues while you perform this test.

One-Leg Stand – While keeping your hands at your sides, you will be asked to stand on one leg and keep the other foot about six inches off the ground. They will also ask you to count to 30. The officer is looking for 4 specific clues while you perform this test.

What Happens If You’re Convicted of a DUI/DWI in Virginia?

Following a DUI/DWI, you might face hefty fines, license suspension, jail time, and mandatory drug and alcohol counseling. In addition, there may be long-term consequences, such as loss of employment or higher auto insurance premiums, especially if you were involved in an auto accident. Therefore, the cost of professional legal services may be well worth the investment. You will face different consequences based on the number of times you have been arrested for this offense. There are many penalties you will suffer based on time in-between convictions and the level of your BAC when pulled over by an officer. Below are some of those penalties, but please reach out to Johnson Law Firm, PC for more information or if you have further questions regarding your sentence and consequences:

  • 1st Conviction
    • Mandatory fine starting at $250
    • One year revoked driver’s license (Possible Restricted License)
    • Ignition interlock
    • ASAP courses
    • Possible jail time (usually not more than a couple of days)
      • BAC
        • .15-.20; +5 mandatory days
        • > .20; +10 mandatory days
        • Within 10 years; 10 days mandatory
        • Within 5 years; 20 days mandatory
  • 2nd Conviction
    • Mandatory fine starting at $500
    • Three years revoked driver’s license
    • Potential jail time lasting no longer than one year
      • BAC
        • .15 – .20; +10 mandatory days
        • > .20; +20 mandatory days
  • 3rd Conviction
    • Mandatory fine starting at $1,000
    • Indefinite revoked driver’s license
    • Prosecution of a Class 6 felony
      • Within 10 years; 10 days mandatory jail
      • Within 5 years; 6 months mandatory jail
    • Possible vehicle forfeiture
  • 4th or More Conviction
    • Mandatory 1 year in jail
    • Felony

Possible DUI Defenses for Your Woodridge, VA Case

When you visit the office for a DUI defense consultation in Woodridge, VA, I will ask a series of questions to get a complete picture of the events that led to your arrest. There are many possible DUI defenses we can use for your specific case, even in situations where the driver was intoxicated at the time he or she was pulled over. Here is a closer look at some of the strategies I might utilize to build a defense in your case:

  • Improper Stop – One of the most common DUI defenses is that the officer did not have reasonable articulable suspicion to pull the vehicle over in the first place. If the officer didn’t explain why you were pulled over, there is a chance that the officer did not have sufficient reasoning to stop the car
  • Improper Testing – There are 3 approved standardized field sobriety tests administered during a traffic stop that can be for suspicion of a DUI. From the field sobriety testing to breathalyzers to blood tests, there are many areas where errors usually take place, causing inaccuracies that falsely point to your guilt.
  • Lack of Probable Cause – While somewhat uncommon, there are situations in which failure to follow proper police procedures can affect the outcome of a DUI case. It is essential to provide as much detail as possible in your DUI defense consultation about your traffic stop and arrest to ensure your rights were upheld throughout the justice process.

Call Johnson Law Firm, PC for DUI Defense in Woodridge, VA

To get the representation you need after a DUI/DWI, call Johnson Law Firm, PC at (571) 298-0517. I am committed to fighting for my clients, so I will not settle for plea agreements or violations of your rights. We will attempt to build a DUI defense for your Woodridge, VA case to ensure justice is accurately served.

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