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Handling Wills, Trust & Estate Administration Issues in Virginia

A death in the family is very stressful on everyone involved. It can get very intense and overwhelming because nobody likes to deal with the legal matters of a lost loved one, especially in relation to your beloved family member’s finances and belongings. Confusion over estate and trust issues are often complicated by the immediacy of action mixed with grief, which makes it difficult for any closely involved parties to successfully navigate the paperwork. I have years of experience helping clients like yourself sort out the issues involved in these types of cases, which allows you to focus on your family and coping with your loss.

My experience with wills, trust and estates cases include:

  • Complete Family Protection Plans (Wills, Trusts, Guardianship Plans)
  • Estate Administration
  • Living wills (Advanced Medical Directives)
  • Power of Attorney
  • Executor or Trustee
  • Trust administration

I am very compassionate in handling these cases, because I understand the sensitive issues involved. My experience and knowledge of the tax benefits involving trust and estates can be used to the benefit of your family members. From 25 year-old new parents to 75 year-old grandparents, my Plans will keep your family safe and protected during and after your lifetime. Contact me at 703-670-0761 to start the conversation!

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